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9/9 To Maine and beyond week in review

All attendees yesterday enjoyed this energetic performance!
From Jane Austen Society of North America-Maine:
“Miss Austen at Home” performed by Laura Rocklyn
Miss Austen at Home: The year is 1815, and Jane Austen has just returned from a visit to The Prince Regent’sLondon residence. The honor of this invitation prompts her to reminisce about the events that led the daughter of a country clergyman to a position of such prestige. She shares her thoughts and feelings about her novels and how their publication changed her life forever.
About our presenter:
Laura Rocklyn has been bringing historical characters to life throughout her career, both as a performer and a writer. One of her plays, Emma is Presented in Washington City, was performed at the DC AGM in 2016.
She has acted at theaters across the country, including the Folger Theatre, Kentucky Shakespeare, Arena Stage, Richmond Shakespeare Festival and Round House Theatre.
Currently based in Washington, DC, she is an acting company member and teaching artist at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company and a resident company member and dramaturge with Annapolis Shakespeare Company.
Laura received her BA in Theatre and English Literature from Middlebury College and her MFA in Classical Acting from The Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University.”

Found via Jane Austen Fan Club:
Samuel Keele is at Barton Cottage.
Hobart, TAS, Australia · tag Edward Ferrars, 3 others
To wish was to hope, and to hope was to expect…

From Loving any aspect of history in any post:
Regency Saturdays:
Two muslin gowns from 1800.
Maybe too light for the winter months but very elegant. The first one with netted muslin looks more for an afternoon tea or to be worn in a more informal occasion. The other one is a ball gown, that is why it is so refined and maybe the muslin is of a better quality.

Found via the Jane Austen Fan Club:…

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