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10/28 October the last


Umm…wow! Found via All Things Jane Austen:

An Accomplished Woman’s Guide
Caroline Cogitates: Thought for the Day

Perhaps I underestimated the value of a muddy petticoat as a silent plea for a larger and more attentive staff of servants. It certainly suggests a thoughtlessness for the wearying labour of one’s laundry maid.

An oldie but goodie…..

Found via the Jane Austen Fan Club:
Samuel Keele is with Jane Austen at Longbourn.
Heathfield, United Kingdom
“I am certain Green Tea should be served to those neighbors ‘who could not be detested enough’ in Longbourn.”…/a.60486496633…/1190719624416995/…

“The sea represents change and passionate fulfillment-Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax fall in love at Weymouth. But given her father’s intransigent position, Emma while single is unlikely to see the sea…When Mr Knightley moves into the Field of the Heart, Emma will suffer no more ‘intellectual solitude’. Moreover, as you will all remember, their marriage is immediately followed by a ‘fortnight’s absence in a tour to the sea-side’. Hooray! That interior landscape that is Emma’s mind is to be refreshed by sea breezes, and expanded to new and far horizons.”
– pg 106 Juliet McMaster in the essay ‘Emma: The Geography of a Mind’ in “Jane Austen’s Emma: New Edition” Edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom 2010 infobase Publishing
4.0 Regency Teacups…
Correct Forms of Address
1. Please do not use this page in a vacuum. Most of the usages listed here are explained in greater detail elsewhere in these pages, which is why I have resisted including charts at all until now. These charts are for convenience and reference.

Found on the BBC 2004 North and South Page:
Giulia Galizia
So, I dance period dances (waltzes, country dances and others) and last summer I asked the hairdresser I went to, to imitate Margareth’s updo in the North and South 2004 adaptation 😍
I was really happy with the result! Even though it wasn’t the exact same of the series.



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