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12/16 Jane Austen’s Birthday!!!!

Sarah’s Great Reads
13 hrs ·
❤️🎂🎉Jane Austen birthday celebration: post #2
PERSUASION: Captain Frederick’s love letter to Miss Anne Elliot
💕Do you think Frederick and Anne will be happy together?

🎤NOVEL: Persuasion by Jane Austen
NOVEL: Persuasion by Jane Austen, English, (1775-1817) I have been a fervent Jane Austen fan since I was thirteen years old. By eighteen, I had read all of Austen’s novels, her juvenilia, pub…

There is a Greater Sacramento Chapter 🙂 Who loves Jane Austen?
2018 Jane Austen’s Birthday Celebration and the 200th Anniversary of “Persuasion”

Jane Austen Festival Australia shared an event.
May 20 at 5:40 PM ·
Please do join us for our special Jane Austen Birthday Christmas Ball & Picnic on 15-16 December 2018
Christmas Carol Ball
Dance · 435 people

Jane Austen 2017 and onwards
#OTD in 1775, 16 December Jane Austen was born.
Happy Birthday to my Heroine ❤💐🍰☕

Thierry Choffat to Jane Austen
Joyeux anniversaire

Mental Floss
6. She was an accomplished home brewer.
8 Proper Facts About Jane Austen

‎Josep Lluis Moya Lopez‎ to Jane Austen
Hello Beautiful
A pleasure to meet you and say hello on your birthday. MANY CONGRATULATIONS Have a great day

All Things Jane Austen shared a post.

Happy Birthday Jane Austen from the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation, where I am a Literacy Ambassador.
This is a great organisation, founded by Jane Austen’s fifth great niece, Caroline Jane Knight, to increase literacy rates in honour of Jane. You can find out how you can help at

Improvised Jane Austen is with Shannon Baucus and Kristen Rau.
Birthday tidings and holiday greetings from Improvised Jane Austen! Happy Birthday, Jane! ❤️

Abigail Reynolds‎ to Darcyholic Diversions: All Things Austen Posting Board
Three free Pride & Prejudice variations to celebrate Jane Austen’s birthday, anyone? It includes my Mr. Darcy’s Refuge, Maria Grace’s Remember the Past, and The Darcy Brothers by Monica Fairview, Susan Mason-Milks, Maria Grace, Cass Grafton, and me. Don’t miss the story we wrote together about Theo Darcy, Mr. Darcy’s sexy younger brother! Get them at…/…/,…/…/, and…/…/

Sarah Elizabeth Shaw to Jane Austen
Happy Birthday! � x

Eileen Collins
On Dec16th 1775,during an unusually harsh winter,Jane Austen was born at Steventon Rectory Hampshire, the seventh child,and second daughter,of Rev George Austen and his wife Cassandra (Leigh).The baby seems to have arrived a month later than expected.

Abigail Reynolds
Thanks for the sweet RTs, @JaneOdiwe @CassGrafton, and Happy Jane Austen’s Birthday to you!

Catherine Curzon
#JaneAusten, author, was born #onthisday in 1775. #gloriousGeorgians

Bridget Eileen 💖 Vintage Bridge
It’s the birthday of my Dead Best Friend I Never Met #JaneAusten 🎂 Played 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” in her honor & pictured taking her out in her empire dress 💃💃💃 “Go Shorty It’s Ya Birthday

Wendy Dunham
In honor of Jane Austen’s birth date on 12/16 I’m sharing one of her quotes. #JaneAusten #quote #birthday #writerslife
‘The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.’

Happy 243rd birthday to the incomparable #JaneAusten

Jane Austen Dancers
Never was a truer word written – happy birthday Austen! 💪 #janeaustenbirthday
#christmas. Photo
@Regran_ed from @JaneAustenHouse #janeausten #kickasslady #festivefeminism

Today In History
Today in 1775: #British #novelist Jane #Austen is born in #Hampshire, #England. Her novels include “Sense and Sensibility” and “Pride and Prejudice” among others. #JaneAusten #Books #Author #history #OTD

The Curious Reader
Happy birthday, Ms #JaneAusten. You’re work was so inspirational, its no wonder #PrideandPrejudice finds itself in our list of 10 brilliant examples of women’s writing.
#TCR #TCRBookRack

Today, we celebrate the life of an author who wrote romance like no other and gave us some of literature’s most iconic couples – Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, and Emma Woodhouse and Mr. Knightley in Emma. Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!

Shree Agnihotri
Must read for Austen’s birthday:

“These distinctive words, word clusters and grammatical constructions highlight her writerly preoccupations: states of mind and feeling, her characters’ unceasing efforts to understand themselves and other people.”

Sense & Spontaneity
So it is Jane Austen’s birthday today. In honour of which we shall be performing a Christmas Musical in the style of her work. This was planned. Definitely not a coincidence and no one in the team put two and two together today….

Fully Booked
Today, we celebrate the life of an author who wrote romance like no other and gave us some of literature’s most iconic couples – Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, and Emma Woodhouse and Mr. Knightley in Emma. Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!

Vivacity Libraries
Celebrating Jane Austen’s birthday – 16 December 1775 gave the world one of our most famous authors.

One man’s way may be as good as another’s, but we all like our own best. – Jane Austen #birthday #Quotes

Dedalus Reading Club
December Pub Night: Jane Austen Birthday

Happy birthday, Jane Austen! At 243, you’re a gem!

Zell Bianca: Happy Birthday to my dearest author, who I consider like family to me!

Austen In Boston: A Jane Austen Book Club
For Jane’s Birthday…two songs….
Song #1
Dept of Disclaimer: All rights to the appropriate parties. Fair Use in force etc.
Lyrics loosely based on “Jane” by Jefferson Starship
I had Charles Bingley dedicate the song to Jane Bennet in
my recent Halloween Mash-up(Jane Bennet countered with Starship’s “Count on
Me”, which just moves me to weeping). As the song
was still in my head….for Jane Austen’s bday(Dec 16th)…

Jane you say it’s never all
over for you and me, girl
There’s a time for love and
a time for more love and more love
never ever letting it be!!!
Jane you’ve played a game
called forever
called easy to get it’s real name
Makin believe that you just
feel the same
Oh, JANE!!!!!!
Jane played a writing game
she forever won, girl!!
She’s never staying away just
so we’ll ask about Chawton, Bath,
Steventon, Longbourn, Netherfield,
Pemberley, Highbury, Norland, Lyme Regis….
Like a cat and a mouse,
like a cat and a mouse
[Jane to Cassandra: I’m
still a cat if I see a mouse”
oh that there were cats in the
Jane you say it’s never all
over for you and me, girl
From library to library and bedroom to classroom
Don’t you pretend you don’t know what I’m talking
We spend all these morning, days, and nights(Knights?)
together(hey, hey!)
only because you knew best
I’ve gotta know
Jane, you’ve played a forever game,
you’ve played a forever game,
Oh, Jane you’ve played a game
of forever loved(by most!!!)
JANE, you played for fun and love and for keeps!!!!!!!!!!!!
That’s a reading life for me, yeah
It’s so plain to see why you are forever
readin’ with me, me, me
Song #2
Dept of Disclaimer:
With apologies to the Beatles…all rights to the appropriate parties under Fair Use etc.
You say it’s JANE’s birthday(12/16)
It’s every Janeites birthday too
They say it’s JANE’s birthday
we gonna have a great regency time
I’m glad it’s JANE’s Bday
Happy Birthday to JANE!!!!
Yes we’re going to party like it’s
1811….regency(not Victorian!!!!!!!) party
I would like you all to regency dance, birthday!
Take a cha-cha-chance, ask Lizzy to dance, birthday!
“May I have the next dance”, birthday!!!
[Regency Dance break- “Who will you dance with???” “Why
you if you will ask me!!!!” –Mr K and Emma 2009]
You say it’s JANE’s bday
well it is Boston Tea Party’s bday and Beethoven’s too!!, yeah
we are(Boston Rrrrrr) gonna have a good time
at Netherfield and Pemberley
I’m glad it’s JANE’s Bday
Happy birthday to OUR JANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elisabeth Lenckos
A favorite Berlin Cafe—in Christopher Isherwood‘s and David Bowie’s old stomping grounds—hangs only men’s portraits, apart from this one. Happy Birthday, Jane Austen. You are so cool!

Austentatious Library shared a video.
Celebrate #JaneAusten’s birthday today any way you can – read your favorite novel, watch a movie, or check out the Jane Austen Fan Club FaceBook Page for viewing parties where (I think) #MansfieldPark1999 is showing at certain times today! ❤️📚 — Miss Lydia
#Austen #AustentatiousLibrary #Janeite #Janeiac #SenseAndSensibility #PrideAndPrejudice #MansfieldPark #Emma
#NorthangerAbbey #Persuasion #OTD #OnThisDate #JaneAustenBirthday #December161775 #243Years
Jane Austen Fan Club FaceBook Page:

The Atlantic
Today marks the 243rd anniversary of Jane Austen’s birth. In our September 2017 issue, Nicholas Dames reflected on why she remains so relevant, so beloved, and so contentiously debated over two centuries after her death. “Is Austen the purveyor of comforting fantasies of gentility and propriety, the nostalgist’s favorite?” he asked. “Or is she the female rebel, the mocking modern spirit, the writer whose wit skewers any misguided or—usually male—pompous way of reading her?”

‎Shannon Winslow‎ to Jane Austen
Blessings on your birthday, Jane!

Virginia Kohl to Jane Austen
Happy Birthday from Texas!

Lisa Hotham to Jane Austen
Happy Birthday Jane, my life woudn’t be the same without you! XXX

Linda Sorey Keever to Jane Austen
Happy, happy birthday day

‎Jen Wood‎ to Jane Austen Fan Club
Bath, United Kingdom ·
Personally wishing Jane Austen a very happy birthday in Bath this morning! — at The Jane Austen Centre, Bath.

‎Andréia Maia Magalhães‎ to Jane Austen Fan Club
Celebrating Jane Austen in Brazil.
Dia de luz e festa

‎Madhavi Singh‎ to Jane Austen Fan Club
A little tribute to Jane Austen from me and my daughter 😊 Happy birthday Jane Austen 🎂💐

Jennifer Redlarczyk
Happy Birthday to Jane Austen and Ludwig van Beethoven! With my book, “Darcy’s Melody” I have celebrated the lives of both of these inspiring individuals. What could be better than a P&P Variation where Lizzy sings “Ich Liebe Dich” by the maestro? Enjoy! Jen Red ♫

Jasna N.Y. shared a link to the group: Jane Austen Society of North America – Greater New York Region.
The North American Friends of Chawton House are celebrating Jane Austen’s Birthday with the unveiling of its brand new website.
NAFCH – North American Friends of Chawton House
North American Friends of Chawton House is a non-profit organization supporting Chawton House (U.K.) in its work of fostering greater…

Friends of the Etna Public Library
“Jane Austen was born today in 1775. Little did she know that she would change the lives of women and yes even men. Many men read her novels during the war to relieve their stress and give them hope of a happy ending .” #JaneAusten

The Jane Austen Society of India
Here’s wishing all the Janeites around the world a very Happy Jane Austen’s Birthday ❤! Let us all celebrate Ms. Austen ‘s indomitable spirit, her wit, intelligence and the feminism she espoused, on this day and every day. As long as we take her life’s ambition forward, Jane Austen will continue to be alive in our hearts, minds and most of all, in our deeds ❤.
Image courtesy Pinterest .

Jane Austen Society of the Netherlands (JASNL)
Celebrating Jane Austen’s Birthday, and already in Christmas Spirit at the last danceworkshop in Amsterdam this year!
And we worked hard, 6 dances we learned and danced, and without any fatigue 😃
Everybody did so well, very proud of you all!!

Jane Austen Summer Program
Someone’s turning 243! (Reminder: Our 2019 program — “Pride and Prejudice and Its Afterlives” — is open for registration. Visit for details!)

Maria Grace‎ to Mr. Darcy’s Extensive Readers
Jane Austen’s birthday is today, but the presents are for *you*! Three free Pride & Prejudice variations: my Remember the Past, Abigail Reynolds’ Mr. Darcy’s Refuge, and The Darcy Brothers by Monica Fairview, Cass Grafton, Susan Mason-Milks, Abigail Reynolds and me. Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!

Suzan Lauder
Happy birthday, Jane Austen, from all your Janeite friends!

Dori Salois shared a post to the group: Jane Austen Fan Club.
Happy Birthday Miss Austen! Always my inspiration.

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Debra-Ann Kummoung
Debra-Ann Kummoung Retweeted Jane Austen Centre
#happybirthdayjaneausten Happy birthday to a lady who changed the literary world

Jane Austen Chile
¿Por qué leemos a Jane Austen?¿Por qué leemos a Jane Austen?
por Maggie Smith | Dic 16, 2018 \

Resultado de imagen para jane austen
El 16 de diciembre de 1775 nació nuestra admirada novelista Jane Austen. Han pasado doscientos cuarenta y tres años y continuamos fascinados por su obra desde lo intelectual, lo académico y emocional. Una prueba de esto es la existencia de varias Sociedades Literarias que se han creado alrededor del mundo para leer sus novelas, analizarlas, estudiar su biografía y reflexionar en torno a su labor como escritora.
La obra de Jane Austen ha logrado trascender el tiempo, constituyéndose como una permanente fuente de interés para teóricos de la literatura y para lectores de diferentes épocas. Leer las novelas de Jane Austen implica una inevitable invitación a releerlas,pues su estilo narrativo, la construcción de sus personajes y su genial uso de la ironía abren un profundo abanico de posibilidades interpretativas.
Es pertinente preguntarnos: ¿qué tienen sus novelas que logran este efecto en los lectores? Indudablemente, uno de los aspectos más interesantes de la narrativa de Austen es su prosa y cómo,a través de esta, el lector logra sentirse parte del mundo narrativo de sus novelas. A través del discurso narrativo y del uso del lenguaje (y del silencio), Jane Austen logra describir el espacio en que interactúan sus personajes, y también el mundo interior de estos. Desde este punto de vista, el lector logra sentirse cerca de ellos,asomándose en sus vidas. Las novelas de Jane Austen nos invitan a leer y observar cómo sus personajes piensan y sienten, al enfrentarse a los hechos y conflictos de la sociedad de su época.
Leer y releer las novelas de Jane Austen es una invitación a la reflexión, a reír con sus magníficos guiños irónicos,a analizar críticamente su sociedad y la nuestra, a pensar en nuestras propias fortalezas y debilidades de carácter. Leer sus novelas nos conectan con un espacio acogedor y único que nos sitúa en un momento de silencio y goce. Con toda certeza, existen más razones que estas para explicar su genialidad y el por qué leemos a Jane. Creo no equivocarme al afirmar que cada lector debe tener su propia historia y conexión con Jane Austen. En este día tan especial,estas palabras pretenden ser una invitación para pensar: ¿por qué leo a Jane Austen? Y al buscar la respuesta, conectarnos con una de las escritoras inglesas más grandes de la historia para saludarla en su día y agradecer la genialidad de su mente y su pluma.
Por Maggie Smith Ferrer
Vicepresidente Jane Austen Chile

Devoney Looser liked
Making Jane Austen
Hey, doll! We’re raising a glass to you today. Happy 243rd #birthday #JaneAusten (1775-1817). #Janeites #literature #women #history #OnThisDay #celebrate #books
Jane Austen’s House Museum

Some of our Volunteer Stewards have made an extra special effort for Jane’s birthday.
#JaneAusten #JaneAustensHouse #JaneAustensBirthday
Jane Austen’s House Museum

Happy Birthday #JaneAusten! We are looking forward to welcoming visitors to Jane’s home on this special day

JASNA Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho is celebrating Jane Austen’s birthday.
“One cannot have too large a party.”
🎁🎂Happy Birthday, dearest Jane Austen!!🎈🎉
16 December 1775
If all of the Janeites were to have a huge party together, in honor of Jane’s birthday, what or who would you bring? Food? Decorations? JA characters? Where would you have it? Share your ideas and best wishes for Jane in the comments!!

Monique Christiaan Van Hecht Muntingh Napjus shared a post.
Happy Jane Austen Day!!

‎Francine Howarth‎ to Jane Austen Fan Club

Food for thought, what say you, in how Jane Austen rarely if ever ventures to great detail on houses and fashions etc., and here’s a little teaser:
Jane began writing Pride and Prejudice in 1796 and it was first published in 1813. It is said PP is set in 1812, so did the publisher, as they’re of wont today, suggest she update it to a later time-frame, because it was completed long before its publication day. Remember Jane lived through the years of the French Revolution 1789-1799.
After all, two of her brothers were naval officers and both were involved in action at sea. Jane had a cousin, the Comtesse Elizabeth de Feullide, Elizabeth sought sanctuary back in the family fold when her husband the Compte went to the guillotine. Elizabeth later married Henry Austen, and no doubt this is why Jane sought escape from the horrors of reality. In retrospect her novels are not a true depiction of her day despite her social awareness and collective impressions of wealth Vs poverty and bettering one’s prospects. She did indeed gloss and paint a picture of rural delights with happy carefree picnics, soirees and much dancing as though the country was not at war with France and in 1812, America.

The Jane Austen Tea Series from Bingley’s Teas, Ltd
Happy birthday, Jane Austen! Our MN group celebrated yesterday and lucky us, Devoney Looser was our speaker!

Marc Claus to Jane Austen
Joyeux Anniversaire !

Jane Austen Festival, Louisville, Kentucky
…Northanger Abbey…A very Happy Birthday to Jane Austen from all of us at JASNA-Greater Louisville! To Jane!!! (Photo taken by Program Coordinator, Amanda Beverly, at Winchester Cathedral in Winchester…

Read More Women
“My courage always rises with every attempt to intimidate me.”
English novelist, Jane Austen was born #OnThisDay in 1775 #ReadMoreWomen

London Library
It’s #JaneAusten’s birthday! Born #onthisday 1775 the great novelist saw her first novel, #SenseandSensibility published 36 years later. Thought we’d celebrate by settling down for the weekend with our 1853 copy – still on the shelves and still getting borrowed!

#OTD 16th Dec. 1775 – #JaneAusten born at Steventon. In honour of her b-day, here is Chawton House wedding (1865) of Elizabeth Knight (great niece of JA & daughter of Edward Knight) to Capt. Ed Bradford, former head of London Metro police, who lost an arm to a tigress in India.

Jane Austen


Jane Austen: some facts you need to know about one of the most beloved English authors.
10:13 AM – 16 Dec 2018
5 Retweets 25 Likes Bia 🎄Milors🌱iti •∆Tristi💫✨SarahAnnon.Shaheed AurangzebAilish 🎄☃️🤶🏻Rabin Maede

Jane Austen
Jane Austen was born in Steventon, Hampshire, a village in southern England. Her parents were George Austen, a rector, and Cassandra Leigh Austen. They had eight children: six boys and two girls. Jane was exceptionally close to her sister, also named Cassandra.
Jane Austen
Cassandra Leigh Austen was from a higher social rank than her husband and gave Jane Austen the sense of social class that underlies many of her novels. She did not seem to regret the fall in social standing, however, and was a cheerful wife and mother to the family.
Jane Austen
Jane Austen developed a love for the written word as a result of her father’s large home library. When she wasn’t reading, she was supplied with writing tools by him to nurture her interests along. Later, she was sent to a boarding school with her sister for further education.
Jane Austen honed her comic abilities by writing for her family, in particular, her older, Oxford-educated brothers, whom she admired intensely. Though the entire family was literary, only Austen would become a published novelist.

El 16 de diciembre de 1775 nacía #JaneAusten y para celebrarlo os dejo tres recomendaciones de biografías ilustradas para que la conozcáis un poco mejor. 🙂
1) Library of Luminaries: Jane Austen
2) Brave Jane Austen: reader, writer, author, rebel
3) Pequeña & Grande Jane Austen

‘There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.’
– Jane Austen, born #OnThisDay in 1775.
Get cosy, grab a book, and treat yourself to a proper Sunday of relaxation.

Nicola Cornick
‏ @NicolaCornick
On December 16th, 1775, in the rectory at Steventon, Hampshire, on a freezing winter’s day, the rector’s wife, gave birth to a daughter.

“Now, two hundred years later, I wonder if Jane would be surprised to learn that her books are still read and loved by people all over the world? Maybe. Then again, maybe not.” Look what the young girl is reading! Thanks to @qinleng @BalzerandBray @DJBray #janeaustensbirthday

Salon de Té Jane Austen Retweeted
Goodnestone Park
Jane Austen was born on this day in 1775 – read about a 2011 archaeological dig at her birthplace of Steventon, Hampshire

Karen Doornebos is with Christine B. Shih and Deb Miller.
“It is such a happiness when good people get together—and they always do.” —Jane Austen
Always grateful for my Jane Austen friendships. She has brought so many fabulous people into my life since 2008! Happy Birthday, Jane Austen! I had such fun at the Jane Austen birthday tea this year that I only took two photos…

The Literary Ladies’ Guide to the Writing Life
Happy 243rd birthday to Jane Austen!
Born today in 1775, the renowned British author led a writing life of the inimitable artist. Despite the popular portrayal of her as all charm and modesty, she was a writer and observer with full mastery of her gifts. She cared deeply about getting published and being read, despite myths to the contrary:…/jane-austen/


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