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1/21 A few days in review…..

From Jane Austen 2017 and onwards
#OTD in 1805, 21 January, Jane Austen’s father George dies suddenly from an illness, taking the family by complete surprise.
Jane consciously stops work on the Watsons. The Austen brothers agree to help support the mother and sisters.

“How do you like this cold weather? I hope you all been earnestly praying for it as a salutary relief from the dreadfully mild and unhealthy season preceding it, fancying yourself half putrified from the want of it, and that now you all draw into the fire, complain that you never felt such bitterness of cold before, that you are half starved, quite frozen, and wish the mild weather back again with all your hearts”. Jane Austen to Cassandra Austen Sunday 1/25/1801

The Pemberley Post, No. 2 (Jan 8-14, 2019) ~ Jane Austen and More!
My round-up of the past week – so much of interest, from Dolley Madison to Vermont’s State House to Mike Myers!
Celebrating Rembrandt:…
Jane Austen’s moving poem on the death of her friend Madam [Anne] Lefroy:…/to-the-memory-of-mrs-l…/
A Jane Austen £10 note on ebay – for £49! (others available also at various prices)…/LUCKY-10-NOTE-JANE-A…/323639434583…
“How Dolley Madison Conquered the Nation’s Capital (with great images):…/dolley-madison-becoming-americ…
Mrs. Madison’s drawing room [image: Montpelier]
Another First Lady – Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming is the highest selling print book of 2018, and it was just released in mid-November!…/78941-becoming-is-top-se…
The Broom Brigade (there were several in Vermont – who knew??): and
More Vermont: the Ceres statue stop the State House in Montpelier:
the redo of the Ceres statue atop the Vermont State House:…/02-ceres-s…/ceres-statue.html
And also:…/30_5_Winter2018-2019SavingCeres…
And here you can see the live re-installation:…/live-vermont…/1629637489
Ceres statue [image: ‘Vermont Woman’]
London’s Gentlemen’s Clubs:…/the-curious-world-of-london-s-gentl…
Image: Image: The Gaming House, A Rake’s Progress by William Hogarth. An early depiction of White’s which was at this time a notorious gambling den [Londonist]
A Guardian review of one of 2018’s best books – also has the hero immersed in Emma (how many real men are out there immersed in Emma I wonder…):…/normal-people-sally-rooney-no…
A rare Monet to be auctioned for the first time! (with an estimate of $25-$35 million) –…/a-rare-claude-monet-lands…/17395/
A terrific book at Open Access on Victorian newspapers and periodicals: A Fleet Street in Every Town: The Provincial Press in England, 1855-1900, by Andrew Hobbs – [the pdf is a free download, all 470 pages!] – Hobbs has also set up a twitter account where he will post diary excerpts daily:
Birds of America – one of the world’s rarest books by the 19thc American artist and ornithologist John James Audubon has gone on display at Liverpool Central Library, with a “Mission Impossible”-like scenario to get it there!…/rare-audubon-bird-book-displayed-at-l…
The Frankenstein exhibit at the Morgan Library ends January 27, 2019:
Also at the Morgan online: two of Humphry Repton’s redbooks are available for your viewing pleasure:…/Humphry-Reptons-Red-Books
Repton Redbook [image: Morgan]
Who knew? During a pre-Golden Globes auction, Mike Myers matched a £40,000 bid to split the prize of staying at Heckfield Place in Hampshire to get the ‘Jane Austen’ experience.’ See – the story is here:…/man-utd-julia-roberts-qatar-wor…/
January 13, 2019 7pm on PBS “I Hate Jane Austen,” with British columnist Giles Coren:…/01/11/whats-new-next-week-january-11-2… [I’ve taped this but haven’t watched it yet – if you have, tell me what you think…]
The all-over-the-press account of the Austen family photos found in an album on ebay:…/Extraordinary-photos-Jane-Aus…
Tony Grant has already done a post on his blog, with pictures:…/jane-austen-famil…
Edward Hicks, Peaceable Kingdon [image: Wikipedia]
Edward Hicks’ “Peaceable Kingdom” paintings at Christie’s:…/Edward-Hicks-The-Peaceable-King…
A collection of the wacky and weird, long before P. T. Barnum – Kirby’s Eccentric Museum, with thanks to The Gentle Author at “Spitalfields Life” (excellent images – one weirder than the next…):…/01/12/kirbys-eccentric-museum/
The beginnings of Bibliotourism: put your Library on here!
A Slave Bible [heavily edited] on view at the Museum of the Bible:
Slave Bible – Smithsonian
And again from “Spitalfields Life” – Christopher Wren’s model of St. Paul’s Cathedral – awesome pictures! I had no idea this was there!…/inside-the-model-of-st-pauls…/
Literary penguins! (Guess which Austen Hero gets his own penguin…):…/maryland-zoo-names-…/
Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies 14.2 (Fall 2018) is now online:
I have long collected Robert Sabuda’s delightful pop-up books [ ]– but here’s a new entry into the Pop-Up world – by Lego!
Happy Reading!
2019, Jane Austen in Vermont…/pemberley-post-no-2-jan…/



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