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4/14 Week in review….

JASNA Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho posted…
We haven’t a quiz in awhile! What type of tea are you, based on the food you pick? Share your results in the comments!!
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We have decided to keep the giveaway open until April 16, so enter again!↙️
‎Jason Nicholls-Carrer‎ to Jane Austen Fan Club
April 11 at 4:59 PM
Ok enough about the characters of her fantastic novels, What about Jane ?

Dear Darling Jane:

Its been 206 years of Pride and Prejudice‘s publication. 206 years in which girls, and some guys, have fallen in love with Darcy and wishing we had our own. Generations of people have formed friendships because of their love for the book. Mothers and daughters bond over discussions and of course seeing the adaptations. One cannot forget the first time we read Pride and Prejudice nor can we forget our very first screen Darcy (my favorite is Matthew Macfadyen ).
A lot has changed socially since your book’s publication. Women attend university and have the right to vote. Single women no longer have to rely on their male family members to provide for them since they can now earn their own living and depend solely on themselves. Family members still pester a few regarding marriage. Although some women still do marry for money, a majority of women in today’s society marry for love. It is also acceptable to set up a household and live alone as well as travel alone.

Pride and Prejudice has sold over 20 million copies since its initial publication. It’s been adapted for stage, film, and even television. You’re probably wondering what film or television is and this is the best I can describe it: think of it as a play, but instead of a stationary stage, there are moving pieces. These pieces are recorded frame by frame to create a moving picture. Pride and Prejudice also has inspired authors to write their own version based on your plot.

My favorite Pride and Prejudice television / film adaptation is the Andrew Davies production of 1995. It stars Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy and Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet. It also inspired the Lost in Austen adaptation to feature the famous lake scene from the 1995 version, where Amanda asks Mr. Darcy ( Oh My God Elliot Cowan )to emerge himself in the water as Colin Firth had done.

We learned a lot from Pride and Prejudice. You taught us to stand up for ourselves and our beliefs. Family members may embarrass us on occasion, but they are still family. Things may look dire and we think we’ll never recover from a situation, but in the end we are stronger than we think we are and do recover. You also taught us to never settle for a Mr. Collins.That there are always two sides to a story and even the most dashing man may have an ulterior motive. Through you we learned, that first impressions aren’t always what they seem and it is okay to change your mind. Most importantly you taught us, that he’s worth waiting for. When we finally meet our Darcy, he will do anything to make us happy even if involves facing his own past and knowing it is humiliating to him.

We owe a lot to you Jane. I do wish you could see the influence of not only Pride and Prejudice, but of all your books in our society. You should be proud of your accomplishment and how I wish I could turn back time and inform you not to sell your copyright, but alas that is not possible.

Thank you. Thank you for giving us a beautiful story; for the lessons learned and for the friendships formed.

Yours very affectionately,

Marie Kondo’s Contributions to the Reception History of Jane Austen

Kirk Companion is with Jasna N.Y. and 4 others.
April 8 at 10:15 PM
Because my phone charger ceased working during the overnight trip down to the event (I just attended the Sunday events) and I thus have zero photos(if there are no photos, did the event take place?!!)during the trip…..
The “joy of transportation” …many dollars and annoyance

Change fee because one bus company was so late that the next company’s bus was missed… annoying dollars

Wonderful hosts, speakers, attendees, tour of musical instruments museum, and location… priceless!

Running into a friendly face during the long layover in the tiny bus station… priceless!

JASNA Connecticut Region posted:
This year Flock Theatre presents Pride and Prejudice, an adaptation of the Jane Austen novel in the Long Parlor of the Shaw Mansion in New London CT. Enjoy the play amid this historic setting. Pride and Prejudice, adapted by Jon Jory, is a play adaptation of Jane Austen’s Regency era-set romance novel. Pride and Prejudice explores the importance of marrying for love at a time when society is pressuring young women to find profitable suitors. The story follows Mr. Bennet and his five unmarried daughters, focusing specifically on Elizabeth as she and the wealthy Mr. Darcy navigate their attraction. The play runs for three weeks May 11-26, Friday and Saturday evenings, with a Sunday Matinee. To purchase tickets, visit the Flock Theatre website

Jane Austen Fan Club posted….
Vera Miniel Rubio said…
“Just few things I wanted to share with this wonderful group who truly appreciates and understands our true love for Jane Austen .My daughter went to a wedding in London and thought of me ….I was like a kid in a candy store when I open the bag she held out to me!!!! .”

“Austen draws her landscapes without the minute descriptions of later novelists, such as Dickens(AiB-YES!!!!!!), but these landscapes provide her heroines with spaces to reflect knowledgeably-even psychically-upon their landscapes.”
pg 98 “Prospect and Refuge in the landscape of Jane Austen” by Barbara Britton Wenner 2006 Ashgate Publishing Burlington,VT
3 Regency Teacups overall but the line above should be in gold leaf, as Cassandra wrote about a line of Jane’s in Persuasion.

In honor of the Boston Marathon(best wishes to all involved!)…here’s a version of the Bath Marathon!


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