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11/18 Knightley Week in Review….

Sub…sub….sublime!!!!! (found via Bob Evans on RVW Discussion Page!) Vivace Arts Academy:
Vivace Voices Community Choir performs their own choral rendition of Arrival of the Birds by the Cinematic Orchestra with the stunning backdrop of Leith Hill Place.
Its most famous resident, composer Ralph Vaughan Williams had pastoral flair taking inspiration from nature and it is hard not to when standing in Leith Hill Place as the view from every window is a beautiful canvas of our English woodland countryside.
To find out more about Leith Hill Place visit:

‎Iam Bennett‎ to Jane Austen Fan Club
November 16 at 6:29 PM
“You had better explore to Donwell,” replied Mr Knightley. That may be done without horses. Come and eat my strawberries. They are ripening fast”.

I always think of this when I see strawberries. Here are some ripening fast in my own garden.

Jane Austen 2017 and onwards
November 15 at 4:49 AM ·
#OTD in 1815, Wednesday 15 November,
Jane Austen writes to Dr James Stanier Clarke

I must take the liberty of asking You a question–Among the many flattering attentions which I recd from you at Carlton House, on Monday last, was the Information of my being at liberty to dedicate any future Work to HRH the P.R. without the necessity of any Solicitation on my part. Such at least, I beleived to be your words; but as I am very anxious to be quite certain of what was intended, I intreat you to have the goodness to inform me how such a Permission is to be understood, & whether it is incumbent on my to shew my sense of the Honour, by inscribing the Work now in the Press, to H. R. H.–I shd be equally concerned to appear either presumptuous or Ungrateful.–
I am &c–

Image 1: Dr J. Stanier Clarke
Image 2: Carlton House…/jane-austens-visit-to-carlton…/amp/

‎Nic Thompson‎ to Jane Austen Fan Club
November 14 at 6:05 PM King’s crumpets this is funny 😂😂

Abigail Reynolds
November 11 at 6:03 PM
Inspiration images. What’s better than a stately home with a library? Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire has two libraries! Can you see Darcy and Elizabeth visiting here? (Not my pictures – I found them down a research rabbit hole)


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