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11/29 Overstuffed week in review…..

Austenesque Reviews
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Now that it is officially Christmas season it is time for us to share one our favorite posts of the year! And of course, it is a list! 📝 But the thing is…this is our 10th Jane Austen Gift Idea List…haven’t we already listed all the possible Jane Austen items one can find? 🤔 The answer, my friends, is no. 🙅🏻‍♀️ [ 894 more words ]…/22-jane-austen-gift-ideas-…

22 Jane Austen Gift Ideas for 2019!!!

“Jane Austen” by Carol Shields
From the conclusion of book: “Her legacy is not a piece of reportage from the society of a particular past, but a wise and compelling exploration of human nature”. She continued, “Her men and women speak their needs and define the barriers that separate them from peace and satisfaction. They are as alive today in their longings as they were, two hundred years ago, when she first gave them breath”.

“A Little History of Literature” by John Sutherland
What a delight! The best chapter, of course, is “The Sharpest Mind: Jane Austen”. Some great chapters about certain authors I’ll never read as well! Lol!

“Austen’s fiction demonstrates, supremely well, that a literary work need not be large to be great. And what can two inches of ivory contain? Everything worth writing about, if the brush and the surface are in the hands of a genius” – John Sutherland*NKH-R

The Austenite – Jane Austen Bookstagrammer
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Podcast Alert!

Do you know where the term “empire waist” comes from?

Find out the answer and more in this short but very informative episode of Blueprint for Living in which Hilary Davidson, who recently published Dress in the Age of Jane Austen, discusses fashion during the Regency.…/fashion-in-jane-a…/id965730733…

Chawton House
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We were thrilled to be donated this beautiful Chinese edition of Austen’s Selected Works by 宋琦 (Qi Song), a translator and visiting academic to the University of Southampton. Many thanks to her!

Jane Austen’s England posted…

At Stourhead, where the proposal scene from Pride and Prejudice 2005 was filmed, they are ready for Christmas! 🎄

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Does anyone think this could be the Randalls dining room on Christmas Eve when Emma visits the Westons for a party?

Cheshire Public Library

Do you read book reviews? And what’s a really good book review for you? #wewanttoknow

Sarah Rose Kearns

Virginia Heffernan: “About 10 years ago, I began to suspect technology is the masculine form of the word culture.”

This is a good take, if not quite a comprehensive survey of the field! Deborah Yaffe, Devoney Looser, and Juliette Wells have each written excellent books about the history and proliferation of Janeiteism. I highly recommend “Among the Janeites,” “The Making of Jane Austen,” and “Everybody’s Jane” for more depth. 📖

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I take no leave of you, Monday: I send no compliments to your mother. You deserve no such attention. I am most seriously displeased.

Jane Austen London Group
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An interesting, nuanced aspect of life in Jane Austen’s days.


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