Posted by: rearadmiral | December 8, 2019

12/8 Week in review….

Cheshire Public Library
Do you set yourself daily reading goals (e.g. 50 pages a day, or “I wanna read 75 pages today because I should have the time”) or do you usually just go with the flow? #wewanttoknow

Abigail Reynolds
December 4 at 11:45 AM
Christmas decorations at Sudbury Hall. Anybody recognize this particular staircase from someplace else? 😉

A Happy 77th Bday to Gemma Jones!!!!!!!!!

A Contrary Wind
December 3 at 1:43 AM ·
Really enjoyed this conversation. I always thought that Catherine Morland and Henry Tilney were a mismatch. But they’ve argued that her essential decency, honesty and sweetness counteracts his tendency to be flip and cynical.

I’m a card carrying member of this fantastic group!!! 🙂
Jane Austen, Austenesque, and JAFF Lovers! You are invited to join us for a year of reading, chatting, and fun activities while we work on our TBR piles.…/1040462-austenesque-lovers-tbr-…

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Jeremy Northam delivers one of the best adaption lines in this scene. Enjoy!!!!


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