Posted by: rearadmiral | April 20, 2016

Updated Book Schedule

P&P 1/27/19
Unsheltered 2/24/19
The Winthrop Woman 3/31/19
Dr Wortle’s School 4/28/19
Sense & Sensibility 5/18/19
In the Summer Season 6/30/19
Madame de Treymes 7/28/19


Jan : Persuasion
Feb : Choose your own! 2/25
March: March Geraldine Brooks 3/25
April : The Reef Edith Wharton 4/29

May :
June : Jane Austen at Home Lucy Worsley 6/24
July :
Aug : Rachel Ray Anthony Trollope 8/5
Sept :
Oct : Emma l0/21
Nov : Ruth Elizabeth Gaskell 11/18
Dec :


  1. Road trip to The Mount! Sounds wonderful.

    • Yes! If we make the trip, it will be my 4th trip there. When you attend our “choose your own Wharton” discussion :), which one will you be reading(rereading)? While I suppose I should try House of (Lack of) Mirth…thinking about A Backward Glance and a novella. Hmmm..

      • If I had the good fortune to be in Boston in July, I’d join you and I’d reread one or more of the novellas from Old New York. Maybe False Dawn. A Backwards Glance is wonderful. I’m going to wish you “happy reading!” even though I know you don’t find all that much happiness in Wharton’s books.

  2. I hope I can join you for An Assembly Such As This. I work at a museum so I usually have to work weekends.

    • Crossing my fingers and toes that you can make it!


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